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What is Kung Fu and Wu Shu?

Kung Fu and Wu Shu are Chinese terms that generally refer to the whole range of Chinese martial arts. Although the terms are interchangeable, in the west the term “Wu Shu” has become more associated with the very acrobatic Chinese martial arts that are performed by practitioners to entertain an audience, whilst “Kung Fu” is generally applied to the real fighting styles.

Do I need to be a member of the KWA to become an accredited instructor?

Yes to access accreditation in any Chinese martial art i.e. Kung fu, wushu,tai chi etc you need to be a member of the appropriate representative State Association that is a member of KWA.

How often are Accreditation courses run?

Accreditation courses are run according to demand. When a course date is set, information will appear on our “Accreditation Course Dates” page. To let us know that you would like to do an Accreditation course, please send an email to admin@kungfuwushuaustralia.com and clearly advise:
1. Your full name
2. Your contact telephone number
3. Name of the KWA member in whose academy you provide instruction

When sufficient numbers are reached to conduct a course, you will be advised by email. Application forms can be downloaded from our “Forms & Publications ” page.

What does the Accreditation course comprise?

Accreditation courses firstly require attendance at a lecture day covering the theoretical aspects of accreditation. There are a number of other requirements that can generally be completed where you live and teach. These must be completed within 6 months from the date of the lecture day. These additional requirements include completion of a written submission, completion of a video showing you instructing a class and completion of a Senior First Aid Certificate.