As a KWA Member you will be covered by the most comprehensive and cost effective insurance available in Australia. The policy, underwritten by an APRA regulated insurer meets all the critical needs and demands for both Organisations and Instructors. Public Liability of $20million, Professional Indemnity cover of $5million, Legals Expenses, Student Accident are just some of the features of our insurance cover. Our members policy is reviewed each year to make sure that it meets the needs of our members in an industry were demands, legal requirements and risk management issues are continually changing.

Enquiries should be directed to our office on 02 8736 1229 or by email on

Largely as a result of the efforts of the MAIA, there are now two new insurers providing coverage to our industry making a total of four companies now doing so.

Insuring only accredited people is common practice in many other industries and it is done by insurers as it provides them with a greater level of quality control by ensuring that verifiable minimum industry standards are met.

Insurers have found that accredited instructors are a much less likely to make claims as they operate in a more professional manner by adhering to the appropriate Industry Codes.

For insurance purposes Accreditation is defined as:

An accredited instructor is recognised as accredited if the instructor is bound by the National Code of Practice for Martial Arts Instructors and carries appropriate levels of public liability and professional indemnity insurance and

  1. is an accredited instructor with the National Martial Arts Instructors Accreditation Scheme (administered by the Martial Arts Industry Association Inc.) or
  2. is an accredited instructor with the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (administered by the Australian Sports Commission)

In the current climate any instructor that is uninsured is both foolish and unprofessional.