Internal Policies and Forms

Membership KWA

KWA Membership 
(KWA Membership Online Application)

KWA Membership Policy
(KWA Membership Policy.pdf)

KWA Membership Conditions of Insurance Policy
(KWA Membership Conditions of Insurance Policy.pdf)

KWA Child Safety Policy
(KWA Child Safety Policy.pdf)

KWA Participant Protection Policy
(KWA Participant Protection Policy.pdf)

KWA Risk Management Policy
(KWA Risk Management Policy.pdf)

KWA Waiver Template
(Waiver Template.doc)

KWA Waiver Template – Tai Chi
(Waiver Template – Tai Chi.doc)

KWA Pre-Screening Questionnaire
(Pre-Screening Questionnaire.pdf)

Codes Of Practice

National Code of Practice for Martial Arts Centres & Instructors
(Code of Practice 2012.pdf)

Code of Practice for Martial Art Event Promoters and Tournament Organisers
(Event Code 2009.pdf)

Code of Practice for Martial Arts Retailers
Code of Practice for Martial Arts Retailers.pdf)

Coaching Accreditation

KWA Accreditation Application
(KWA Accreditation Application)

NCAS Enrolment Conditions & Prerequisites
(NCAS Enrolment Conditions & Prerequisites.pdf)

MAIA Code of Ethics
(MAIA Code of Ethics.pdf)

KWA Accreditation Enquiry
(KWA Accreditation Enquiry.pdf)


Exercise Danger
(Exercise Danger.pdf)

Other Policies and Authorities

Grant Disposition Policy
(KWA – Grant Disposition Policy)

IWUF Event Participation Policy
(IWUF Event Participation Policy.pdf)

National Team Selection Policy
(KWA National Team Selection Policy.pdf)

Competition Rules

Competition Routine Rules
(Competition Routine Rules – Apr2023.pdf)

IWUF Taolu Rules 2005
(IWUF Taolu Rules 2005.pdf)

IWUF Sanda Rules 2005
(IWUF Sanda Rules 2005.pdf)

KWA Controlled Contact Sparring Rules 2017
(KWA Controlled Contact Sparring Rules – June 2017.pdf)

KWA Full Contact Sanda Rules 2017
(KWA Full Contact Sanda Rules – June 2017.pdf)

IWUF Publications

IWUF Magazine 2019
(IWUF Magazine 2019.pdf)

IWUF Wushu Intro
(IWUF Wushu Intro.pdf)

IWUF Bidding Brochure
(IWUF Bidding Brochure.pdf)