Martial Arts Instructor Accreditation

Please provide your details and payment (AUD $160) below to recieve your Accreditation Submission Kit. An overview of the Online Accreditation Process is as follows:

  • Step 1. Fill in the form below and pay online the initial fee of AUS $160 via PayPal.
  • Step 2. You will receive an email detailing precisely how  you will need to complete your submisson for accreditation.
  • Step 3. As part of your submission, you will be required to take some additional online courses found here: MAIA ONLINE COURSES. (additional course costs will apply)
  • Step 4. Submit all requirements to Kung Fu Wushu Australia for review.
  • Step 5. Receive your new Accreditation Number after review has been successfully completed.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a nationally recognised process that establishes a martial arts instructor is able to provide instruction in a manner that is safe, responsible, and accountable with appropriate levels of understanding as to their legal and community obligations.

Specifically, accreditation:

  • Verifies the martial arts bona fides of an instructor
  • Ensures the instructor has a minimum first aid qualification
  • Ensures the instructor has a minimum training standard in Instructing Principles, Sports Psychology, Training Methods, Communication, and Legal Responsibilities.
  • Ensures an instructor has a minimum training standard in what constitutes safe practice in exercise
  • Ensures an instructor has a minimum training standard in what the instructor’s responsibilities are under Occupational Health and Safety
  • Ensures an instructor has a minimum training standard in what the instructor’s responsibilities are under the appropriate consumer protection legislation in the State in which they teach
  • Ensures an instructor has a minimum training standard in what the instructor’s responsibilities are in dealing with complaints involving sexual harassment and discrimination in the martial arts industry
  • Ensures that the consumer is dealing with an instructor who is bound by the National Code Of Practice For Martial Arts Centres and Instructors

Accreditation Levels

Recognised Accreditation is a progressive instructor education program with three levels.

The courses include the following components:

  • Instructing Principles/Risk Management – Fundamentals of instructing, athletic performance and risk management
  • Sport Specific – Skills, techniques, strategies and scientific approaches specific to the particular sport
  • Practical – Practical coaching and an application of coaching principles

Level One:
Is the base entry or minimum level of accreditation that can be obtained. Maximum time for completion of the course is four months

Level Two:
The Level 2 course is more demanding and acquaints the coach with the sport sciences and their application to coaching. Maximum time for completion of the course is 12 months

Level Three
This is an advanced course designed to assist instructors develop competencies necessary to work with athletes at an elite level.

Advanced planning and training methods are covered and sports sciences are applied specifically to martial arts training.

The course is completed over a two year period.

What Accreditations are recognised in Australia?

  1. There are only three types of accreditation that are recognised:
    Industry Accreditation, under ISO 17024, is provided by the National Martial Arts Instructors Accreditation Scheme (administered by the Martial Arts Industry Association); this is provided by stand alone courses delivered by the MAIA and its agents or in conjunction with the Australian Qualifications Framework.
    The MAIA provides Industry Accreditation in both sportive and non sportive martial arts and covers all disciplines, arts and styles as well as self defence and eclectic (combined) martial arts.
  2. The National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (administered by the Australian Coaching Council.)
  3. NSO Accreditation. (administered by Australian Sports Commission recognised National Sporting Organisations NSO’s). Only available to NSO members and is only for accreditation if your martial art is a sport.

Examples of these cards are shown here:

Sport Australia recognised NSO Accreditation