NCAS Terms and Conditions

The applicant agrees and accepts that Accreditation, if granted, is contingent upon the applicant: being part of the accreditation update program, meeting all accreditation course requirements maintaining a current First Aid qualification, being insured by the KWA insurer and abiding by the National Code of Practice for Martial Arts Centres and Instructors.

The Applicant acknowledges that he/she has been advised that the course fee paid to KWA is only part of the cost involved in completing the accreditation requirements and that other costs may be incurred in completing the course.

The Applicant acknowledges that, in order to complete this course, he/she must have access to a computer that is capable of reading DVD’s.
The Applicant agrees and accepts that attendance at an accreditation intake does not guarantee accreditation and that all accreditation prerequisites and submission requirements must be met within the due date before accreditation can occur.

The Applicant further acknowledges that Accreditation will be cancelled by KWA should the applicant breach the Code of Practice for Martial Arts Centres and Instructors and that re-accreditation conditions may vary if the applicant is no longer teaching at the Martial Arts school indicated on this application form.

The Applicant also acknowledges and accepts that Information on this form is entered onto the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) or National Officiating Accreditation Scheme (NOAS) database of registered coaches or officials maintained by the relevant National Sporting Organisations and that these databases may be publically accessible via ASC and KWA websites.

Database information is passed on to relevant State and National Sporting Organisations and State Sport Education Centres, other entities and individuals who may enquire about my accreditation status. Coaches or officials will be sent relevant up-to-date information and may be contacted by the ASC. Said information will not be used or disclosed except in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy ACT 1988 saving that the applicants name, accreditation status, type of martial art taught, teaching location and contact phone number will be stored in a publicly accessible database.