How Do I Become A Member?

Membership of the Kung Fu Wushu Australia Limited is accessed via your relevant State Based Representative Association. Contact details can be sourced by clicking on the ‘State Associations’ section of this site.
Membership is open to any person who is the head or the nominated representative of any eligible martial arts organisation, club or academy based in Australia that:

  1. holds a state-based business name registration or
  2. is a registered partnership or
  3. is a proprietary limited company or
  4. is a public company limited by guarantee or
  5. is a registered Trust or
  6. is a State based incorporated sporting Association.

Eligible martial arts organisations are, essentially, those that provide instruction in one or more of the Chinese martial arts systems. Our membership criteria for the National body can be found by clicking here. Membership Criteria for your State Association can be found by clicking here. For a useful definition of Kung Fu and Wu Shu, please check our FAQs section.

If you do not have a valid business registration an Associate Membership Category for Community Instructors is also available. This category is strictly for non-profit community instructors, who do not have any form of business registration, teaching less than 20 students either from home or at a premises supplied by a recognized community group. It is a low cost membership category that provides an instructor with access to the KWA accreditation and insurance services.

An eligible person must be able to provide a training history resumé (showing training time durations etc) and certified copies of all grading certificates.

You must agree that your club/academy and all of its affiliates, members, instructors and employees (whether paid or unpaid) will be bound by the NATIONAL CODE OF PRACTICE FOR MARTIAL ARTS CENTRES AND INSTRUCTORS of the Martial Arts Industry Association Limited (click on “Codes of Practice” in our menu to see this code). Violating this code may result in the termination of membership.

As a member, your club/academy must introduce and implement a policy of accreditation, under the NATIONAL COACHING ACCREDITATION SCHEME (NCAS), for each of the instructors and assistant instructors with the your club/academy (click on “Instructor Accreditation” for information). It is a condition of membership that all instructors within your club/academy will have commenced an accreditation program during the first twelve months of your membership.

Full details of what you must submit with your application is contained in our Membership Application form which can be applied through here: Membership Application