2020 Sanda World Cup Confirmed for Australia

KWA President Walt Missingham has today confirmed that the 2020 World SANDA Cup will be staged in Melbourne from the 4-6 September 2020. The event will be the biggest martial arts event ever staged in Australia and the first World Championships to be conducted by KWA.
The multi million dollar Event is being fully backed by the global martial arts event giant KLF and will feature the largest global media coverage ever provided to an Australian martial arts event. Walt paid tribute to the commitment, professionalism and vision of KLF Founder & CEO Jiang Hua and KLF Pacific Asia CEO Ted Yang. We all look forward to what will be a truly amazing milestone on the evolution of martial arts media events.

2 Replies to “2020 Sanda World Cup Confirmed for Australia”

  1. Can you please advise where the tournament is being held in Australia in 2020, where can tickets be purchased and prices

    1. Details have not been finalised yet, so please stay tuned to this website and our facebook page for updates.

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