Australia brings home first taolu medal from 12th World Wushu Champioships

Australia has won its first Taolu medal at the 12th World Wushu Championships held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Elizabeth Lim from Western Australia won a Bronze medal in the Female Nan Quan event despite harboring an injury suffered on the first day of training after arrival in KL. Her bronze medal win along with four other top 10 placing (all from WA) including:

  • 6th placing � Reuben Woon for Male Taiji Quan
  • 7th placing � Cedric Chung for Male Nan Gun
  • 7th placing � Joanna Lim and Elizabeth Lim for Female Duilian
  • 10th placing � Joanna Lim for Female Chang Quan
  • Many others with scores >9.0 including Melvin Tan who beat many professional athletes from Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, USA, Germany in the highly competitive Male Chang Quan event.

Australia also had four sanda fighters reaching the round of 16 in the World Championships two of which are from WA. The quality of the sanda competition was second to none which is to be expected at a World Championship event.

Australia�s impressive results this year helped to place us amongst the elite teams from other countries. This was purely the result of the many hours of planning, training and hard work each and everyone had put in throughout the year in preparation for this world event.

from L-R: Shao Zhao Ming, Angelique Choo, Rasool Mohseni, Abdul Wahab,Mahdawi, Tom Hembling, Pui Theng Yee, Tiffany Mok, Bevan Chia, Walt Missingham (KWA President), Kenning Leong, Alex Lee, Dylan Chan, Melvin Tan, Cedric Chung, Jason Chan, Elizabeth Lim, Kevin Effendi, Joanna Lim, Michelle Woon, Yu Li Guang, Robert Williams, Kee Lee Tan.
Absent: Claudia Long, Bruce Corles, Jennifer Alderson