Australia Takes Gold at 2021 IWUF Wushu Taolu Virtual Competition

The 2021 IWUF Wushu Taolu Virtual Competition was held between October 18th to November 06th  with about 1,000 participants from 61 countries and regions.

As the first ever online wushu competition by IWUF, there were 11 competition events including Changquan, Daoshu, Qiangshu, Jianshu, Gunshu, Taijijian, Taijiquan, Taijishan, Nanquan, Nandao and Nangun.

With an Australian team mostly from Western Australia, the competitions were divided into three age groups: group A (12-14 years old), group B (15-17 years old) and group C (18 years old and above).

Below is a summary of the results for the Australian team:

  • Competition Events Participated: 27
  • 1st Category Prize: 1
  • 2nd Category Prize: 10
  • 3rd Category Prize: 12 Best

Well done to all our athletes who competed.

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