Traditional Wushu Competition Rules and Judging Methods 2019

Extracted from the IWUF E-Blast:

This edition of the IWUF E-blast serves as a guide for three recently-released documents. As listed above, they are the:

The Rules and Judging Methods for both Taolu and Traditional Wushu Competitions have been developed specifically for use in international competitions, though should also inform national and local competitions in order for athletes, coaches, and team leaders to effectively prepare for official IWUF events.

Links for the documents and detailed information (including important dates, changes, and other info) can be found in this email, so please read it thoroughly.

Note that the “IWUF Wushu Taolu Competition Rules & Judging Methods (Excerpt) 2019” and the “Traditional Wushu Competition Rules and Judging Methods 2019” will be employed beginning this year, including at the 8th World Kungfu Championships (8th WKFC) and 15th World Wushu Championships (15th WWC). Event regulations for the 8th WKFC can be found here, and relevant items are noted below.

Traditional Wushu Competition Rules and Judging Methods 2019

Important Dates


1) Appeals Procedure

– Article 8
“1. Content & Scope
1.1 Each Team has the right to appeal at most five (5) times within a single competition.
1.2 Appeals may only be lodged with regards to routine time limit issues.
1.3 Appeals may only be lodged by team coaches/team leaders on behalf of their own team’s athletes.

2. Appeals Procedure and Requirements
2.1 Should a participating team object to the judges’ appraisal of one of its team’s members, the respective team leader or team coach may lodge an appeal by submitting it in written form to the Jury of Appeals within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the athlete’s event, together with an appeal fee of US$200.
2.2 The content of each appeal may only address one issue.

For more information see Article 18 Appeals.”

Age Categories

1) Age categories for traditional wushu competitions now include a “Small Children’s Age Group (Group A)

– Article 11
“1. Age Category Descriptions
1.1 Small Children’s Age Group (Group A): 8 years of age (including 8) and below.
1.2 Children’s Age Group (Group B): Between 9 years of age and 11 years of age (including 11).
1.3 Youth Age Group (Group C): Between 12 years of age and 17 years of age (including 17).
1.4 Junior Age Group (Group D): Between 18 years of age and 39 years of age (including 39).
1.5 Adult Age Group (Group E): Between 40 years of age and 59 years of age (including 59).
1.6 Senior Age Group (Group F): 60 years of age (including 60) and above.”

8th WKFC Regulations

1) Uniforms and Equipment

– X.A.i Competition Requirements
“a. All athletes shall wear wushu competition uniforms in compliance with the Rules during all events. All athletes must provide their own uniforms.
b. All weaponry must conform to the requirements as stipulated in the Rules. All athletes must provide their own weaponry.”

2) Prizes for 8th WKFC

– XI.A.i.a
“a. 1st Category Prize = Awarded to 10% of the athletes (Top 20% will be awarded for age group A, B, & F).
b. 2nd Category Prize = Awarded to 20% of the athletes.
c. 3rd Category Prize = Awarded to 30% of the athletes.”
“Each event will be limited to sixty (60) athletes. If the number of registered athletes for a single event exceeds sixty (60), athletes for that event will be randomly and evenly divided into two or more groups.”

3) Post-deadline Entries or Changes

Late Entry Replacement Information Change
US$ $50 US$ 50 US$ $20

4) Judges’ Uniform Requirements

– XV.A.ii.
“All judges shall prepare their own standard judges’ uniforms, white shirts, and black leather shoes.”