Western Australian Government Officially Recognises Kung Fu Wushu Western Australia

KWWA President Fred Ong has announced that The Western Australian Department of Sport and Recreation has now officially recognised Kung Fu Wushu Western Australia Inc. as the official governing body for Chinese Martial Arts (kung fu, wushu, tai chi) in the State of Western Australia.

Fred stated:

“This is a significant step forward for the sport of kung fu / wushu. With support from the Department of Sport and Recreation I am confident the sport of kung fu / wushu in Western Australia will continue to grow both as a community / recreational sport and as an international elite sport”

Fred acknowledged the assistance of Walt Missingham (National President KWA) and David Crook (Senior Vice President KWA) for their contribution to this achievement.

Walt Missingham commented: “A good outcome delivered by a good team effort – watch this space for more to come”