$15,000 Wushu Funding Boost

National Events Chairman (NEC) Fred Ong was pleasantly surprised at the recent AKWF AGM when AKWF President Walt Missingham presented him with a $15000 funding boost for Wushu  development in Australia.

Walt Missingham commented “the outstanding success of the NEC is a credit to Fred and his team, the last two years have seen national events of a very high standard in Perth and Sydney with this years Melbourne event likely to top them both in addition to this we have seen and ever increasing standard in our international representation, the highlight being Australia first ever medal at the 2010 Junior Wushu Championships in December of last year – our movement towards the successful staging of a World Championships is well on track”.

NEC Chairman Fred Ong receives wushu accounts from AKWF President Walt Missingham.
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