Australasian Fighting Arts (AFA)/Walt Missingham Chronicles.

“From 1984 to 1998’Walt Missingham was a contributor/journalist and featured martial artist with Australasian Fighting Arts Magazine (AFA). AFA set high standards of professionalism and integrity in what they presented. You could not buy a ‘feature’ or a ‘cover shot’ you had to be worthy of it in terms of what you presented. Walt Missingham (President of the Australian Kung Fu Wushu Federation Inc) was a trail blazer in terms of articles and interviews that informed, confronted and entertained.

Due to popular demand and with the kind permission of Kevin Brennan/Australasian Fighting Arts Magazine we will be presenting all of Walt’s work with AFA. We will be adding one article every month.

The first is from AFA issue Volume 8 Number 5 (1985) ‘The Street Realities of Knife Attacks‘”

Walt and Richard Norton © Copyright 2011 Phoenix Films Pty Ltd