15th WWC Regulations

Extracted from the IWUF E-Blast:

This edition of the IWUF E-blast serves as a guide for three recently-released documents. As listed above, they are the:

The Rules and Judging Methods for both Taolu and Traditional Wushu Competitions have been developed specifically for use in international competitions, though should also inform national and local competitions in order for athletes, coaches, and team leaders to effectively prepare for official IWUF events.

Links for the documents and detailed information (including important dates, changes, and other info) can be found in this email, so please read it thoroughly.

Note that the “IWUF Wushu Taolu Competition Rules & Judging Methods (Excerpt) 2019” and the “Traditional Wushu Competition Rules and Judging Methods 2019” will be employed beginning this year, including at the 8th World Kungfu Championships (8th WKFC) and 15th World Wushu Championships (15th WWC). Event regulations for the 8th WKFC can be found here, and relevant items are noted below.

15th WWC

Important Dates

Competition Dates Preliminary Entry Date Final Entry Date
October 20-23, 2019 August 1, 2019 September 1, 2019

Regulations of Interest

1) Registration and Accreditation

– III.B. Accreditation
Please ensure you have read and are familiar with the Registration and Accreditation processes outlined in section III.B.

2) Training Venues

– V.B. Training Venue
Taolu: Shanghai Minhang Gymnasium Main Building
Sanda: Shanghai Minhang Gymnasium Tennis Court

– V.C. Competitions Venue
Taolu: Shanghai Minhang Gymnasium Main Building
Sanda: Shanghai Minhang Gymnasium Badminton Hall

3) Uniforms

– X.A.i. Taolu
“Two (2)competition bibs(20cm*15cm) for each athlete’s use will be provided by the Organizing Committee to Teams upon accreditation. All taolu athletes are required to have their competition bibs affixed to the back of their clothing before entering the competition arena.”

– X.B. Compliance Requirement of Marketing and Advertising
“All Teams must follow the IWUF Brand Control Guidelines regulations (see Appendix 1).”
Standards and Guidelines for uniforms of athletes, coaches, and team officials, including for taolu and sanda events. Note that gloves and protective equipment manufactured by IWUF’s certified supplier(s)will be provided by the Organizing Committee.

– X.C. Clothing Requirements for Opening/Closing Ceremonies
“All Teams must wear their official national team uniforms at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.”

– X.D. Clothing Requirements for Awards Ceremony
“Medalists are expected to attend the Awards Ceremony in their national team uniforms; however, they are permitted to attend the ceremony wearing competition uniforms should the ceremony take place immediately after the competition. Athletes are expected to take off caps/hats during the ceremony. Athletes and officials are not allowed to take any religious symbols to or onto the podium.” Note that a sanda awards ceremony for a weight class will take place on the same day as the finals for that weight class, regardless of when the finals for other weight classes take place.

4) Sanda Weigh-ins

– XVI. Weigh-in
The official weigh-in for all sanda athletes will take place at 07:00 on October 19th, 2019. Furthermore, sanda athletes must attend a weigh-in on each day they participate in competition (specific time and places for each weigh-in will be announced accordingly). Accreditation cards and passports must be presented at each weigh-in session. A sanda athlete’s failure to attend any required weigh-in will result in his/her disqualification from the competition.

5) Supervisory Commission

– XV
III. Supervisory Commission

“A 15th WWC Supervisory Commission shall be established by the IWUF, with the purpose of and the right to resolve any disputes or investigate any issues that arise during the course of the 15th WWC to ensure the smooth execution of the event.” For full details see section XVIII. of the regulations.

6) National Federation Responsibilities

– XXIV. Responsibilities of National Federations

“NFs are responsible for their officials, coaches, athletes, and observers adhering to the IWUF and WWC principles and to all relevant rules established by the IWUF and Organizing Committee. NFs should ensure that their participants hold themselves to the highest standards in all their actions during the event.” This includes the attitude of a federation’s athletes, the image of the athletes, and securing insurance for athletes.

7) Creative Group Event

– XXV. Creative Group Event

“The Creative Group Event is a non-medal event, and winners will receive certificates. The purpose of the event is to provide an opportunity for wushu athletes to push the limits of their creativity and display their unique talents, demonstrating the beauty and distinctive visual appeal of wushu. The specific demonstration rules can be found in Appendix 6.

Each Team may enter at most one (1) group consisting of four to eight (4-8) athletes (male or female) for the Creative Group Event. Specific requirements are as follows:

  • The duration of each team of the creative group event is set at three (3) minutes.
  • Each Team must prepare their own pure music without lyrics and vocals. The style of music is not limited.
  • The choreography of the creative group event must incorporate the characteristics of wushu, and the choreography must include solo wushu creative and/or two-person or three-person choreographed sparring (duilian) and/or collective wushu creative.”