2010 Australian Kung Fu Wushu Championships a Smashing Success

Australia’s most successful Kung Fu Wushu event ever was conducted at the Hall of Legends at the Olympic site in Homebush today. The event was a sell out with all spectator tickets being sold and boasted an entrant list of 170.

Sanda bouts, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Taolu competitions were all featured with strong entries from every State in Australia in addition to the New Zealand entry.

Present at the event representing the Chinese Wushu Association were:
Gong Zhan Jun : Chinese Wushu Association (General Administration-Director)
Yang Yu Feng : International Sanda Judge and
Lin Jian Hua : International Wushu Judge

Also present was Glenn Keith President of the New Zealand Kung Fu Wushu Federation, The President of the Oceania Wushu Federation and a Vice President with the International Wushu Federation. Glen headed up a successful New Zealand team.

Walt Missingham President of the AKWF commented,
“We have further built on the success of the Australian Championships staged last year in Perth. The energy and goodwill that is now working within the AKWF is manifested in this tremendous outcome for Kung Fu and Wushu in Australia. I thank Fred Ong, Alice Bei Dong and the entire National Events Committee that have done such an outstanding job. Today’s event was a turning point in the realisation that the dark days of wushu development, of a few years ago, are now a distant memory – today we stepped up”.

A full and detailed report of the vent will be released soon.