2012 Victorian State Championships & 2012 Australian Tai Chi Championships

Dear KWV members and fellow Victorian kung fu/wushu/tai chi friends,

Please find attached the rules and regulations, as well as entry forms for the 2012 Victorian Kung Fu Wushu State Championships & 2012 KWA National Tai Chi Championships, which will be held on Sunday, 5 August at Monash University, Clayton campus. It is open to KWA/KWV members and also to non-members. All details regarding the tournament can be found within, so please disseminate the information to your students and friends who may be interested in competing.

Entry forms and fees must be received no later than Monday, 2 July 2012. Should there be any queries not answered within the rules and regulations, feel free to contact me as above, or Mr Ian Hadfield, our State Secretary at ianh7433@hotmail.com.

Best regards,

Dana Wong
Kung Fu Wushu Victoria Inc

Please visit us at: www.qianlidao.com.au
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