Congratulations Michael Nicholls

On February 25th 2011, Mr. Michael Nicholls was awarded his 8th Degree (Dan) Black Belt in Australian Freestyle Combat. Michael has been training in the Martial Arts for over 30 years and is a renowned knife concepts instructor.

His background includes instructorships in a wide variety of Martial Arts including Karate, Kali (Filipino martial art) – both empty hand, stick and other
weapons, Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, Boxing, Grappling & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Close Quarter Combat (Krav Maga and Combatives). He has been a long standing member of the AKWF and serves as the Victorian Branch Risk Assessment Officer. AKWF President Walt Missingham and KWV Committee member and National Treasurer Domenic Amato attended to present a special award to Mike marking this occasion.

Walt Missingham, Domenic Amato and Mike Nicholls.
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