MAIA reaffirms its ban on Victorian issued qualifications

On 1 July 2011 the MAIA issued a ban on the acceptance of any qualification issued by a Victorian RTO (Registered Training Organisation).

This matter was recently reviewed by MAIA National President Walt Missingham.
Walt has advised that the ban will continue, he commented: the situation has not improved since our original ban in 2011. I note that in the past year almost 10,000 government funded vocational students in Victoria had their qualifications recalled because of concerns about poor training and standards breaches. While I note the Victorian Skills Minister Steve Herbert has said he is concerned about the extent of the poor quality and has flagged a further regulatory crackdown, I do not think it is in the best interests of the Martial Arts Industry to recognise Victorian issued qualifications until Victorian RTOs are under the same quality control and scrutiny as RTOs from other States. Accordingly our ban on the acceptance and/or recognition of Victorian issued qualifications will continue.

This month the Senate passed a motion calling for a review of the open market model for training established by the Brumby Labor Government in Victoria.