New KWNSW President Confirmed

KWA National President Walt Missingham has confirmed that the new President
of Kung Fu Wushu NSW is Kevin Blundell.

Kevin Blundell has announced a series of new initiatives to NSW members which include:

1. A greater focus on how members can use of social media to access potential students

2. The populating of the KWNSW Committee by members with administrative experience and applicable qualifications

3. A shift to email ‘meetings’ of all members for all key decisions

4. Expand KWNSW’s event focus including the development of events for children as this grass roots approach is well used in many other sporting pursuits

5. A greater to shift to educating our members in internet/ social media /App usage to assist members in attracting new students and promoting and developing their schools.

Walt Missingham commented: “Kevin’s appointment as KWNSW President will commence a new era in effective administration within NSW. Kevin’s experience in the Martial Arts industry is extensive and spans over thirty years. He is an inclusive, highly effective manager and communicator who is ideally suited and qualified to head Kung Fu Wushu’s largest State organisation.