Walt Missingham Confirmed as Producer of New Martial Arts Movie

Australian Writer/Producer Stuart Scowcroft has teamed with leading martial Artist and film producer, Walt Missingham to develop a martial arts/action film.

The Movie ‘KILL ME IF YOU CAN’ has been written by Stuart Scowcroft who is also Executive Producer. The film is being produced by Global Entertainment Media it has a multimillion dollar budget and will be filmed in Australia, Hong Kong and the Cook Islands.

Scowcroft, former General Manager of Television for Becker Entertainment and now MD of Global Entertainment Media has written the story of a lone-wolf martial artist imprisoned on an island to fight all comers to the death.
“It’s like The Hunger Games for real”, says Scowcroft who points to the longevity of martial arts action movies in popular audience culture. “The key to martial arts action movies is authenticity,” says Scowcroft. “To have the support and advice of Walt who has produced many multi million dollar
earning films and is one of the best martial artists and teachers in Australia is a huge advantage for me as a writer and producer”.

Walt will be producer and also the director of the fight sequences.

A more detailed outline on the project will be released shortly.