Best Result Ever for Australia at 11th World Wushu Championships

The 11th World Wushu Championships successfully took place in Ankara Turkey from 9-14th Oct. 2011. There were 1149 people from 87 countries and regions registered in the championship. Among them, 678 were Wushu athletes. 64 national and regional teams took part in Taolu competitions and 69 in Sanda competitions.
The whole IWUF family should be applauded for their sportsmanship and determination. A grand opening ceremony was staged on the evening of 9th Oct. 2011 with the presence of IWUF President Yu Zaiqing, Turkish Minister of Youth and Sport Suat Kilic, IWUF Executive Board Members, President of Turkish Wushu Federation and many other honourable guests.
After 5 days of fierce competitions from 10-14th Oct., gold medal placings were shared between 11 countries and regions. 26 teams in total went home with medals; among them we see both traditionally strong teams like China, Iran and Russia, and new comers like Bermuda. It is worth mentioning that the Turkish Wushu Federation, as the host, excited local audience with fantastic performance and great results of 1 gold and 4 silver medals.
Of the 87 countries that registered to participate, the actual participation numbers were:
� Taolu � 63 countries represented by 226 male and 98 female athletes
� Sanda � 67 countries represented by 269 male and 85 female athletes
Our Australian team had our best ever scoring of 9.57 in Women�s Nan Gun at 9th place by
Elizabeth Lim. The Australian Taolu team consisted of 10 members:
1. Alex Lee
2. Derek Quan
3. Elizabeth Lim
4. Joanna Lim
5. Dylan Chan
6. Kenning Leong
7. Kevin Effendi
8. Melvin Tan
9. Thomas Wong
10. Tyler J Rowe
Every member of the team performed admirably and represented their country to the best of their ability. Just standing on the floor and performing in front of international judges was an achievement in itself. It was obvious to all that the Australian team had improved considerably compared to 2009. On the evening of Oct. 14, after the Sanda finals the 11th World Wushu Championships concluded with satisfying success. Congratulations to all!